Mahnaz Baikzadeh has freed herself from confinement to any particular sector or style,which enables her to enjoy varied subject matters. Her belief is that “every event is neutral” and so, she is able to enjoy life and all its offerings in the present moment. She has a deep respect for all beings, for who they are, regardless of their attributes; because Mahnaz believes that everything is the way that it is supposed to be. Mahnaz believes that time and space are the mediums through which we experience physical events, gain knowledge, and refine that experience and knowledge into a conscious awareness. As a result, she strives to respect and enjoy every moment in life, while hoping to be and do what is required in each passing time frame. In painting, she enters a state of “timelessness”, where “Everything” and “Nothing” coexist harmoniously and enable her to become the Creator of Supernal Arts. In doing so, she hopes for her own “expansion” via teaching, learning, and interacting with others. She firmly believes that, in life there is no need to be competitive; which sets her school apart from all others. Mahnaz has been able to create a still, positive, and flourishing environments where the students can learn and grow in a comforting and refreshing setting. “Art is the manifestation of the Lover’s expression of Love for the Beloved”, or as Mahnaz simply puts it: “Art is Love made visible.”

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