About Me

Mahnaz Baikzadeh – Artist

Mahnaz Baikzadeh uniquely superior perception of life, due to her love of life and enlightenment.

Her artworks exude life and beauty. Mahnaz’s paintings and sculptures have been displayed in several exhibitions.

Her altruistic nature is clearly evident through all her charitable work, including her donations to charitable organizations.

Mahnaz is director of SAA she is also an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Mahnaz has dedicated herself to Arts and lines Arts full time.

Her motto is: Art is Love Made Visible

ROAM Gallery – August, 2016
Louvre in Paris – 2015
SCOPE Art Miami – 2014

Mahnaz’s art has been displayed in several exhibitions including the Louvre in Paris.

Federation of Canadian Artists and Fine Art America: Member

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